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Unboxing: Review of OwlCrate Special Edition Call Down The Hawk Box

OwlCrate Call Down the Hawk Special Edition Unboxing

OwlCrate’s special edition box for Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater has left me with conflicting emotions. I feel there were definite hits and some definite misses.

Here’s a closer look as to what was included and my personal opinions:

As always, I start with my favourite item which in this case is actually the book! OwlCrate really created a beautiful special edition version of Call Down the Hawk. Changing the colours from the oranges and yellows to these beautiful blues is simply gorgeous. And the reversible cover art by Maggie herself is such an excellent addition (photograph at the very end of this article) and it was signed. Such a great item!

OwlCrate Call Down the Hawk Special Edition exclusive cover

Set of two beautiful, matching pillowcases designed by Stella Bookish Art featuring the quote “You are made of dreams”. I love the soft colours of these pillowcases, a nice break from the traditional darker tones OwlCrate prefers.

‘Dreamer’ beanie designed by Michelle Gray and a nod to the magical forest of Cabeswater from The Raven Cycle. It is soft, comfy (read: not itchy), and surprisingly very warm! It is the same design as the past two Harry Potter beanies included in OwlCrate boxes … a different style would’ve been nice? But a minor complaint.

OwlCrate Call Down The Hawk Special Edition beanie

Stainless steel pendant necklace featuring Chainsaw (Ronan’s “pet” raven from The Raven Cycle) sitting on a skull. It is a nice subtle design, and again back to OwlCrate’s wheelhouse of dark & gothic … unfortunately this item isn’t to my taste. I so wish they would’ve just left it as the raven with no skull.

OwlCrate Call Down the Hawk Special Edition chainsaw necklace

A pair of ley line socks also designed by Michelle Gray. These socks feature the symbol for the ley lines that play such an important part in The Raven Cycle books and some Latin phrases on the soles. I think these are nice, comfy socks … but that grey colour? … it really isn’t very appealing, is it? It reminds me of when I used to go puddle jumping as a kid with white socks, this is the colour they inevitably became!

OwlCrate Call Down the Hawk Special Edition socks

Enamel keychain designed by Brio and Brandish. This substantial keychain ties into Call Down the Hawk and the Fairy Market. I’ll have to read the book to fully appreciate the item! But I like the design and the old hotel key vibes.

OwlCrate Call Down the Hawk Special Edition keychain

Woodwick Candle from Rose & Adder. This yummy smelling candle has notes of blackberry, sage and rosemary. To me it smells like blackberry ginger ale … fruity and bubbly. I really like woodwick candles and the subtle, crackling sounds they make.

OwlCrate Call Down the Hawk Special Edition Nightwash candle

The enamel pin for this box was designed by Iron and Ink Designs and feature swords that play an important part in the story.

OwlCrate Call Down the Hawk Special Edition enamel pin

Overall: A-

  • Pendant necklace: 1/3 (It is nice quality, but unfortunately not my style at all and it was so close to being something I loved if they could’ve just left the skull off it … near misses are always more disappointing).

  • Ley Line Socks: 1/3 (Again the colour choice here baffles me and the socks are thinner quality than is normal from OwlCrate).

  • Enamel keychain: 2/3 (Nice design, good quality … I just won’t personally be using this. Too heavy for my keychain, purse, or as a zipper pull).

  • Woodwick Candle: 3/3 (I like the scent of the candle and sincerely hope I don’t experience the same tunnelling problem I had with Rose & Adder’s candle from the Finale special edition box)!

  • Beanie: 3/3 (Comfy, warm, and I really like the forest design).

  • Pillowcases: 3/3 (These are a lovely design and it’s awesome that we got a matching set)!

  • Book: Extra point! This book blew me away! The cover colour change is so stunning and Maggie’s artwork is lovely.

When I first opened this box I was super excited for the items included … as I got thinking more about it I was actually a bit disappointed. It likely is just a personal opinion/taste but I really am confused by the colour choice of those socks and would’ve loved the necklace had the skull not been added. Sometimes I get tired of the gothic, dark vibes OwlCrate keeps sending out. This isn’t a knock against the quality of the item, again just my taste.

The book, beanie, and pillowcases are lovely and the candle smells so yummy. Some misses, some hits, but overall I am pleased and I do believe for my $65 Cdn, it is a good value. Somehow I am left feeling a bit let down – I feel like we keep getting the same product from OwlCrate, same designs, and same gothic choices. I’d really love to see some changes in the upcoming boxes, especially for a special edition!

Note on Rating: I rate each item out of 3 possible points: 1 for quality, 1 for usefulness, and 1 for if I personally liked the item/fandom. I then assign an overall letter rating for the whole box.

OwlCrate Call Down the Hawk Special Edition Stiefvater art

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