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Unboxing: OwlCrate Jr. October 2021

“Science Is Magic”

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Who doesn’t love Science? It answers the all important questions of why? and how? … and you get to mix things in test tubes! I’m not at all biased here with my Bachelor of Science degree 😉 But seriously, science rocks (which happens to be the area of science I find most interesting – Geology … don’t get me started on limestone!) Anywaaaaay … let’s look inside this month’s OwlCrate Jr. “Science Is Magic” box:

Starting off with this super awesome enamel pin designed by Stacey McEvory Caunt … one of the best enamel pin designers IMO. This month she created an awesome His Dark Materials inspired Alethiometer, which has me craving a rewatch of The Golden Compass ASAP.

We can’t talk science and books without mentioning A Wrinkle In Time and OwlCrate Jr. represented this classic book with a beautifully designed umbrella from Stephani Stilwell. Whether it’s rain or sleet coming your way this winter, OwlCrate Jr. has you protected (and in super nerdy perfect bookworm style) on your walk home from school.

To keep all your hardcovers protected (or maybe a journal?) from messy fingerprints and damage, Shafer Brown designed this beautiful fabric book cover inspired by The Wild Robot. I love this design and think it is such a cool item – I really hope we see more book covers inspired by new fandoms in the future! Can’t wait!! 

The Magic School Bus is iconic (and for some reason the one episode I remember the most clearly is the one about red blood cells and immunity!) and this lanyard inspired by the series is such a great addition to this science themed box. Whether it’s your glasses or mask that you want to keep nearby, this will be the little bitty gadget you won’t know how you lived without! Designed by Breanna Christie. 

Who doesn’t love slime?? Well, my daughter for one 😀 but she is definitely in the minority! I find all manner of putty, slime, and dough fascinating and know a lot of kids will love creating their own test tube of slime with this Ooze Lab from Thames & Kosmos. Our slime changes colour in sunlight, but there were other kits such as glow-in-the-dark slime … what did you get? 

The monthly sticker was designed by Cade Roach (@heyatlastcreative). 

Finally, the book of the month: Amira & Hamza: The War to Save the Worlds by Samira Ahmed! Space travel, multi dimensions, broken moons, powerful jinn and evil Ifrit await you as you travel along with squabbling siblings, 12-year-old Amira and 10-year-old Hamza as they fight to save Earth and all Eighteen Realms of Qaf! This exclusive OwlCrate Jr. edition came with a unique dust jacket only available in this box, signed by the author, and with an author letter. 

This month’s box would make an excellent Christmas gift for the middle graders on your list this year – snag one now in the shop at www.owlcrate.com! 

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