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Unboxing: Review of OwlCrate June 2019

“Libraries of Wonder”

OwlCrate June 2019 unboxing

The theme for OwlCrate’s June box was “Libraries of Wonder” and it was definitely one ‘wonderful’ box … see I’m funny like that … let’s just get right into it.

First out of the box was some yummy, yummy coffee … what book lover, or adult, can’t use more coffee in their life? This is essential. This coffee was produced by Book Beau – yes, that book sleeve Book Beau – and was inspired by Beauty and the Beast. A nutty & bright medium roast.

OwlCrate June 2019 Book Beau coffee

Next we have a lovely turquoise key gel pen. I love gel pens, I collect gel pens, I have written a whole poem/story about my love of a gel pen … not even kidding … so I definitely was game for another! Capped pens like this are perfect for your purse!

OwlCrate June 2019 pen

This coaster set designed by KDP letters (and packaging by Michelle Gray) was an amazing surprise. Study, cork coasters with beautiful typography featuring quotes from some amazing lady authors – Sarah J. Maas, Victoria Schwab, J.K Rowling and Rachel Caine.

OwlCrate June 2019 coasters

This set of metal, Narnia inspired bookends are simply fantastic. This was an item OwlCrate sneak peeked so we knew this amazingness was coming – but it still blew me away when I saw them. I love anything Narnia and these are so beautifully detailed. Designed by the awesome Hey Atlas Creative.

OwlCrate June 2019 Narnia bookends

The last goodie in this box was my first Strange the Dreamer item – a gorgeous tote bag designed by Stella Bookish Art. The colours, the moths, the town of Weep – it was all captured so perfectly! I just love this item – even though I am a bit sick of tote bags and have them coming out my bloody ears … this one was fantastic!!

OwlCrate June 2019 tote

The beautiful enamel pin was designed by Brio and Brandish and just might be my favourite yet this year … I mean, it has sparkles!

OwlCrate June 2019 enamel pin

Lastly we have the paper items and book pick of the month: Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson. This was a much buzzed about book, one that I was eagerly anticipating, and was selected by multiple book boxes this month … so I am excited to read it. OwlCrate changed the cover from the green to a nice purple which I really like!

The paper goodies include the spoiler card, the theme card for next month – Epic Adventures -, a sticker included by the publisher, and the mini magazine with interview with the author, Hey Atlas Creative, puzzles and more!

OwlCrate June 2019 papers

Overall Rating: A+

  • Book Beau Coffee 3/3: Coffee, what more is there to say?

  • Key Gel Pen 3/3: I will always love getting gel pens, can never have enough!

  • Coasters 4/3: These wowed me, truly! I love the quotes, I love the quality (I’ve gotten coasters before in book boxes that just wobble — kinda defeats the purpose!), and I love the design. These were amazing!

  • Narnia Bookends 4/3: Speaking of amazing, these book ends! They are so lovely, they are Narnia and OwlCrate included the set, not just one like other book boxes.

  • Strange the Dreamer Tote 4/3: Even though I am sick of totes, this one is my favourite I now own. I love Strange the Dreamer – one of my favourite series of all time – and Stella Bookish Art nailed the colours and design here.

  • Bonus point for the enamel pin 1/1: This is my favourite of 2019 so far!

So yes, it’s obvious that this box blew me away! It was simply incredible and probably my favourite box I have gotten from them in my almost three years being a subscriber! Everything was so well curated, high quality, fandoms I love and a book I am so excited to read. It was simply fantastic.

Note on Rating: I rate each item out of 3 possible points: 1 for quality, 1 for usefulness, and 1 for if I personally liked the item/fandom. I then assign an overall letter rating for the whole box.

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